About The Beam Store Canada

Thank you for your interest in The Beam Store. The Beam Store started in 2002 and continues to operate from our US factory location in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Our Canadian warehouse location was opened in 2012.

We are excited for the opportunity to be able to offer our products to our Canadian customers with affordable and fast shipping options.

Our company originated from the need for a low cost alternative for Gymnastics and Ballet training equipment. Whether your child is involved in gymnastics or dance on a competitive or recreational level you'll find that additional training at home can improve their skills and strengthen their performance. We offer a wide range of innovative products for every skill level. We manufacture our beams to be as close as possible to competition beams without the cost.

Our beams are in use in homes, schools and gyms across the World. All of our products come with a full warranty.

You can contact us at: The Beam Store by phone at 800-919-4697 or you can reach us by email at customerservice@thebeamstore.com.